Philipp Kirschbaum, ESQ.
Phone: 646-201-9117
Fax: 646-349-4396

Prior to joining Anderson & Associates, Philipp worked for an international freight company and Fordham’s Entrepreneurial Law Clinic. He helped organize the global supply chain for a major auto manufacturer and participated hands-on in management across the U.S., Europe, Asia, and South America. At Fordham’s Clinic, Philipp advised entrepreneurs on financing, IP protection, and regulatory issues such as HIPAA. He also enjoyed helping entrepreneurs transform their ideas from concepts into feasible business plans.

Philipp was born in Germany and speaks German fluently. Philipp enjoys spending his free-time with his daughter, Skylar.

  • Corporate

  • Philipp Kirschbaum graduated from Fordham School of Law in 2019.

  • Philipp passed the Florida bar in 2020.  He is taking the New York Bar exam in February 2021.

  • Philipp speaks German fluently.